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    181 7313 9972
    OH10000 HHO Boiler combustion support machine


    Release time:2020-05-17 03:09:14

    Product introduction:

    HO10000 Reduce the emission of dust and flue ,fuel saving is up to 15%, improve the heat exchange rate of the boiler, and extend the service life of the boiler.

    The national hotline

    181 7313 9972

    Product overview / Introduction


    Model No.OH10000
    Input voltage380V, Three phase
    Rated capacity38 KVA
    Working electric current105 A
    Working pressure≤0.2
    Rated gas production10000±10%
    Water consumption5.8 L/h
    Water supply methodAutomatic
    Cooling methodFan cooling
    Insulation classF
    Power protection levelIP21S
    Working mediumFiltered water or distilled water
    Way of working24 hours continuous working
    Enviornment temperature0 ~ 40 ℃
    Appearance size
    Net weight610 KGS

    Background information:
    During the traditional fossil fuel combustion, usually exist insufficient fuel combustion, we often can see thick black smoke in the emission, actually the black smoke exist in huge energy use of space. So how do we make full use of the wasted fuel to achieve the best energy saving effect?
    Our HHO generator mix combustion system can achieve it for you.


    The main advantage of HHO gas

    1). High efficiency of energy
    HHO generator adopt water to produce mixed hydrogen and oxygen gas, hydrogen can be burned as fuel, and it has good catalytic property.Enough oxygen can provide good combustion condition during fuel burn. Now most of the boiler use coal, petroleum, LPG, bits of wood and so on, there are always exist insufficient combustion and waste emissions big shortcoming, by suck the mixed HHO gas into the boiler to improve the combustion efficiency, save energy and reduce emission. According the different of the fuel, it can save about 5%-15% energy. At the same time, when producing HHO gas by our company, 2.3kw/m3 of electric power is consumed, but other company is consumed 3.5-4.2kw/m3   of electric power.

    2). Ultra high temperature and fast speed of combustion
    Any objects can be reached at above 1,900 degree with 3 seconds. 

    3). Safety
    HHO gas can be used at the lower pressure(0.1-2.0kgf/cm2) without storage, so it ensure the safety when using.

    4). Clean energy
    HHO gas composed of H2 and O2. When burned, HHO gas turn into water again. So it can help greatly reduce the emission.

    5). Low cost
    HHO generator just consumes water and a little electricity, but it can help you save 5%-15% fuel. On the other side, our HHO generator combustion system has an advantage that it can use the exist equipment as it is without modifying too much or making newly. Therefore, everybody can receive HHO gas 24 hours automatically from HHO generator combustion system and save a huge fuel cost.

    The application of HHO generator for boiler heating:

    boiler with hho machine.png

    Fire Comparison:
    Fuel: heavy oil 40l/h
    Flame width: 300-350mm
    Flame length: 1200mm
    Special feature: 1. generated soot  2. fire is spread and weak  3. blackish red fire color

    fire before hho installed.png

    Fuel: heavy oil+hho gas(40L/h+7m3/h)
    Flame width: 250-300mm
    Flame length: 1600mm
    Special feature: 1. no soot  2. fire is strong  3. bright white fire color

    fire after hho installed.png

    Why choose to cooperate with Hunan Shichun New Energy


    Shichun company.jpg


    1. Factory price support. Our company Shichun is a professional manufacturer in HHO generator with 13 years. Until now, we have exported products to many countries. We warmly welcome all over world customer to visit our factory.

    2. Quality assurance. All our products have passed CE certification.

    3. Independent research and development. Our company continuously develop the new application of HHO generator, at the same time to perfect and improve it constantly.

    4. Perfect after-sales service system. We provide one year warranty for every set machine, during the warranty period, we provide the spare part for free.

    5. Security assurance. Our products have equipped with multiple security systems, which have make sure the safety of the machine and operator. Such as anti-backfire system, pressure relief system, vacuum detector system etc.

    6. OEM acceptable. Customized color printing/LOGO printing/Language setting.

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